Mauritius: A few tips for your holiday

Although I have written some lengthy posts on Mauritius, (which you can read here and here), I just want to highlight a few useful tips that may help in planning your holiday and making it more memorable. For people who have read my previous post, apologies for some repetition. Just trying to put all the points together in one place! Things to keep in mind: … Continue reading Mauritius: A few tips for your holiday

Things to do in Mauritius

As promised in my previous post on Mauritius, which you can read here, I am back with more on the lovely island! Mauritius is the ideal getaway for people who are looking to just relax and unwind without having to break the bank. The island offers accommodation to suit all budgets, public transport is readily available  and is cheap, food and drinks in local places … Continue reading Things to do in Mauritius

A tropical paradise – Mauritius

Last week, finally K and I managed to get away from South Africa and explore another African country. Well, not much exploring happened but at least we visited a new country! We spent all of last week on the sandy shores of Mauritius, amidst turquoise waters and colorful coral. The reason I say that not much exploring happened is not because of dearth of things … Continue reading A tropical paradise – Mauritius