Väderöarna – a trip to the Weather Islands

In my recent posts, I have shared details of our fabulous road trip along the east and west coasts of Sweden. If you haven’t already, you can read them here & here.

Saving the best for the last, I will now take you to the wonderful and magical island of Väderöarna or the Weather Islands as it’s popularly known.

Located about 12kms off-the west coast of Fjällbacka, the Weather Islands consists of a few hundred islands that are part of the Tanum archipelago. These rocky and rugged islands are said to be the windiest and the warmest of all islands in the west coast and boast one the largest seal colonies.

Of the hundreds of islands, only one is habited – by an inn and its employees. In 2005, the Väderöarna inn was opened, which offers 30 simply decorated & comfortable guest rooms, a restaurant and conference facilities.

Getting there

The inn is open all year round and can be reached by one’s own private boat or by the inn’s boat. A return trip by boat is included in all overnight packages. Since we were staying a night at the inn, we had been booked on the 3pm boat from Hamburgsund .

We parked our car at the free long-stay car park just five minutes from the jetty and waited for the 12-seater catamaran to arrive. The journey took just under 40 mins through some of the prettiest sights. However, halfway through the journey, the waters became really rough and choppy and both Mia and I had to literally hold onto our guts. I don’t think Mia will ever forgive us for putting her through this!

The inn & our room

We arrived at the island slightly rattled and shaken but as soon as we set foot on ground as pretty & stark as the Weather Islands, I forgot all about the choppy ride.

The manager of the inn was waiting at the small jetty to greet each guest personally. We were shown to our small and tastefully decorated room with beautiful views of the jetty and the sea. One could hear the sound of the waves as they crashed against the rocks all day & all night. It was simple wonderful.

Whilst our room had shared bathroom facilities, we didn’t have to queue or wait at all. Only a few of the rooms at the inn come with an ensuite so it’s advisable to book early if you really don’t want to share.

The island

So what is there to do on this island? Well, nothing!! A placard on the island aptly puts it:

andas in….andas ut…..




Long walks along the rocky island, exploring hidden nooks and crannies, enjoying the sunset from pilot point, relaxing in the hot tub and swimming in the beautiful blue sea are just a few things you can do here! The inn also offers activities such as lobster fishing, cray fishing, kayaking, etc., which can be booked separately.

The inn has a fully equipped bar and a cosy restaurant where you can choose from an a la carte menu or opt for their three course meal, paired with some delicious wines.

View from the top

This rocky rugged island is not for everyone. If you are looking for five star comfort and room service, then you had better stay on the mainland. However, if you are after a rustic getaway with nothing but the sea and rocks to share your evening with, then this island is a must visit.

Both K and I fell in love with and could happily spend a few more days of just wandering among the rocks and listening to the sea.

5 thoughts on “Väderöarna – a trip to the Weather Islands

  1. Love the “ andas in…. andas ut
    I look forward to my travel to beautiful Sweden with Mia Musings 😊

  2. Poor Mia! I hope all that space for running made up for her troubled sea passage. Reading your article, made me instantly fall in love with this island. The motto (andas in… andas ut… njut) is wonderful. Would love to visit when the world gets back to normal.

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