Huddle Park – Doggie Park in the East Rand


I wonder why it has taken me so long to write about Huddle Park. Mia and I are regulars there and go several times a week. Its been over a year since a friend told me about this great place where I could take Mia and let her run free. Huddle Park is still relatively unknown to most dog lovers in the area, making it a secret haven for those who visit. 

There has always been the option of going to the Gillooly’s Farm, but we’ve been there a couple of times and the ducks  and freely available bones on the ground did not go down well with either Mia or me! So when I found out about Huddle Park, I was ecstatic. Located on Club Street in Linksfield, Huddle Park is different from the other parks in Joburg. It is primarily a Golf Course but is fast becoming an overall recreation centre for the entire family with activities like MTB (mountain biking), walking trails and trout fishing.


A large part of the park, aside from the golf course, is actually owned by Investec and had been lying vacant and unused for a long time. It is this area, located to the right of the parking lot, that has been opened up and is available to the public. This massive piece of land is totally secure and fully fenced and throughout the week, dogs of all sizes and shapes can be seen having a good time. 

When I say its huge I mean it takes about 40-50mins to walk along the perimeter! Because of its size, the park offers a lot of solitude and is perfect for anyone looking to spend some quiet time with their dogs. After a long run or walk, you can also head to the cafe located on the premises (towards the main golf course), for a quick bite or some hot coffee.



Address: Club Street (Closest corner Shelley Avenue), Linksfield, Johannesburg 

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7 thoughts on “Huddle Park – Doggie Park in the East Rand

  1. Certainly looks like a big piece of land and park indeed! Looks like Mia has room to run as fast as she likes, however far she might feel like. Maybe you might have trouble keeping up with her 😀 Good day to spend a sunny afternoon there. There are quite a few parks and empty spaces like these in Australia, especially further away from the city centre. Very dog friendly state we are 🙂

    1. Thanks Mabel. Yes, its a wonderful place to spend a cold winter’s afternoon. People tell me that in many ways, South Africa and Australia are very much alike – they share the same love for the outdoors, biking, running and adventure sports! Great to hear that they also share the same love for pets 🙂 The good this about Joburg is that these kind of parks are located in almost all suburbs. So one does not need to drive too far.

    1. Oh yes Flavia, she loves that park and enjoys meeting the other dogs who come there. Most of them are regulars like us!

    1. Huddle park has a golf course too but its separate from the part where dogs are allowed. So you must take your dog there Jane…its a huge park. And dogs are also allowed in their cafe area…

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