Just Another Day in the Bush – Kruger National Park

K and I have been to Kruger several times now and it’s always a great experience. We stayed in a beautiful chalet at the Kruger Park Lodge in Hazyview. The place is only a 15mins drive from the Phabeni Gate, making it just perfect for an early morning start in the park. Here are a few pictures from this trip. I have written about the park in detail earlier and you can read that here.

13 thoughts on “Just Another Day in the Bush – Kruger National Park

  1. Nice photos, looks like you had a great time. I am in desperate need of a Kruger fix but I am so busy with work right now. I am going to try and get a week in after the South African school holidays.

    • Thank you! The mist and the herd of eles was just magical. It was still very early in the morning and the entire park was enveloped in this mist. A very beautiful sight.

      • Ohhh…my sister goes there often. Says its really nice. But of course, animals in India are few and far between! I’ve been to corbett and bandhavgarh. ..really nice but saw nothing.

      • I think it’s a lot about being lucky!! In Ranthambore & Kanha, people have good sightings… In Kaziranga as well… Lets see what if my luck has something good for me!

      • Kaziranga…I really want to visit! Yes luck it a big factor. But here in kruger, its hard NOT to see things!! Fingers crossed for you next trip!

      • Krugger, Masaimara are the holy grails… Can’t compare them with anything else actually!

        Kaziranga… Same here… Infact its a shame that I have not visited it even once even tight its in my home state!

  2. I love elephants the best, they seem very patient and usually have heard they are gentle unless they are male and around females in ‘heat.’ This was a great safari tour for me!

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